Uniform Rules Committee

This committee shall consist of five (5) members with at least one being, if possible, from each of the geographical areas within the Federation, i.e. the northern area being North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and Nebraska; the central area being Utah, Colorado, Arkansas and Kansas; and the southern area being Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma. If at all possible, at all times at least two members of the committee shall have served a minimum of two years on this committee. The President will appoint the committee.

Among other duties, the committee works with the Host Society to assist them in interpreting current AFMS Uniform Rules and in setting up rules needed to accommodate special types of exhibitor's interests peculiar to RMFMS gem and mineral shows.

Leon Reeder, (Chair)  (2019)

Lee Whitebay, Rough & Tumbled Rock and Gem Club
4669 N Prentice Rd, Ponca City, OK 74604, 580*765*2074, lwhitebay~at~poncacity.net

B. Jay Bowman, Rough & Tumbled Rock and Gem Club
191 Bowman Rd, Ponca City OK, 74601, 580*761*5966, bjb~at~wildblue.net

Roger Burkhalter, Oklahoma Mineral & Gem Society, Oklahoma City, OK 
16560 E. Maguire Rd., Noble, OK 73068, 405*899*4260,   rjb~at~ou.edu

Paul Otto, Northwest Arkansas Gem & Mineral Society
26 Ridgewell Lane, Bella Vista, AR 72715, 479*644*4224 mineralspecimens~at~hotmail.com

Robert Carlson, Chaparral Rockhounds, Roswell, NM
1585 Los Pueblos, Los Alamos, NM 87544, 505*662*5534



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