Contest Forms

All of the contest forms below are fillable .doc forms. This means you can download the forms to your computer, fill them in by typing the information into the form on your computer, then save it to your computer and print out a hard copy. You can also simply download the forms, print them, and fill in by hand. .

Web Site (aka Webmaster) Contest

Bulletin Editors Contest (Club Publications)

The contest guidelines for the Bulletin Editors Contest are the same as the guidelines for AFMS, and you can find these at . The only exception to this is that the RMFMS category for Features includes Photo Collages. Looking at the entry form for Features will show you how photo collages are scored. If you do not have a computer, you should be able to access the same information by going to your public library, visiting the RMFMS website, and printing the pages of the contest information you want.  There are also helpful articles about Special Publications, etc. on the AFMS website at

Why enter the Bulletin Editors Contest?

2019 Letters to Editors; re Bulletin Editors Contest

Display Competition

AFMS Uniform Rules for Display Entrants (AFMS Website)

The following are sample forms for display entries.  These, or something similar, will be made available prior to RMFMS conventions by the hosting organization.  These samples are provided here so you can get an idea of what is likely to be asked on the official forms.

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