Conference Planning

If you are planning on hosting the RMFMS annual conference, you might find some of the materials on this page useful.

Needing to develop the forms you need for your registration packet?  Below are Word doc forms that are designed for you to quickly fill in the specific information for your show, then print/save them as a PDF form for inclusion in your registration packet. We suggest you download and save them to your computer.  If you need to make modifications more than the locked form allows, simply unlock it - there is no password.

Reservation Form

Delegate Forms

The following are EXAMPLES of what various delegate forms should look like.  The text highlighted in yellow are the things that need to be changed each year for the specific situation. You will need to get the current name and address of the Credentials person to fill this in.  You can find the forms for the current year conference in Resources / General Forms.

Display Forms

Past Conferences:

Since its founding in 1941, each year the Rocky Mountain Federation has held a conference that is hosted by a local member organization. Here we have PDF versions of registration packets, programs, and other materials from some of these conferences for reference by clubs hosting a conference themselves.  To see a listing of all the conference locations click here.


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