AFMS Scholarship Foundation, Inc.

By Richard Jaeger


The AFMS Scholarship Foundation, authorized in the by-laws of the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies, was incorporated as a Minnesota corporation on March 19,1964, and is tax exempt. Six of the AFMS Regional Federations participate in the Foundation. The Southeastern Federation has its own scholarship foundation and does not participate.

Board of Directors:

The Board is made up of the President and Vice-President from each of the six participating federations. They elect a President, Treasurer, and Secretary each for a term of two years. The Vice President is automatically the President of the AFMS. The annual business meeting is held once a year immediately after the close of the AFMS annual business meeting.

Contributions and Gifts:

Contributions or gifts to the Foundation should be sent to the Rocky Mountain Federation Scholarship Chairman: Richard Jaeger, 3515 E. 88t'1 St., Tulsa OK 74137-2602. Please make the checks out to the AFMS Scholarship Foundation. Gifts from individuals are tax deductible to the donor.

Recognition to Donors:

Special recognition is given to each Federation Club when contributions equal or surpass $1.00 per dues-paying member. This recognition begins with the 100% when contributions total $1.00 member for the total number of club members and can advance on to 200%, 300%, etc. The percentages are based on the number (including junior members) in the Club as shown in the current year's RMFMS Directory, not the number of members there happens to be in the Club at the time the check is sent in. This basis is used consistently for all clubs throughout the Federation and remains in effect until the next Directory comes out. The percentages for all of the contributing RMFMS Clubs are given on a following page.

Selection of Beneficiaries:

Each of the six Regional Federations has the privilege of selecting their own Honorary Award Winner. This individual then has the distinction and privilege of selecting an institution or institutions from within the boundaries of the Federation. In cooperation with that institution, the honoree chooses the two students who each receive a scholarship grant $4000. This method grants to each Federation the privilege of having its own institution and students as recipients of the Foundation's grants.

Honorary Award Recipients and Grants to Students:

Grants made by the Foundation are restricted to graduate students who are majoring in one of the Earth Sciences, since our joint interests lie in this field. Currently, two $4000 grants are given each year in the Rocky Mountain Federation. The first Foundation Scholarship Grant became possible in 1965. Our first Honorary Award Winner was Dr. Richard M. Pearl, associate Professor of Geology at Colorado College. The student he chose to receive our first grant was Victor Lee who was attending the Colorado School of Mines. The AFMS Scholarship Foundation has awarded more than $1.7 million since that time.  To see a list of all Award Winners and Grantees to date click here.

Any Rocky Mountain Federation Club or any individual member may submit a person for nomination for the Honorary Award Recipient. We need a short bio on the person telling us why you are nominating them for the Award. Please submit your nomination to the Scholarship Chairman. Also, contact them with any questions you may have.

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