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\images\logos\favicon_rmfms 2021 RMFMS Convention Junior Program

The American Federation of Mineralogical Societies will have a booth that will give lots of information about the junior program for your juniors in your club. We are hoping this will entice adults to become JR leaders. This is a perfect way to grow your club for sure.


\images\logos\favicon_rmfms 2021 RMFSM Directory Available

The 2021 RMFMS Directory is now available


\images\logos\favicon_rmfms RMFMS Newsletter is out!

The February-March 2021 issue of the RMFMS Newsletter is posted.  Find them in the Resources/Newsletters section.

\images\logos\favicon_rmfms 2021 RMFMS/AFMS Conference UPDATES

The 2021 joint RMFMS & AFMS Conference Registration Packet and Forms are now available under Information / Events & Club Shows


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