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\images\logos\favicon_rmfms 2022 January RMFMS Newsletter

The January 2022 RMFMS Newsletter is out!


\images\logos\favicon_rmfms 2022 Website Contest

 2022 RMFMS Regional Federation Website Contest Information


\images\logos\favicon_rmfms 2022 All American Club Award Program

IMPORTANT! – the very early deadline for entry in the 2022 All American Club Award Program contest is February 15, 2022. For 2022 RMFMS entry must be received by DeLane Cox, RMFMS All American Club Competition Chair by February 15, 2022. This early date will allow for judging and then forwarding the top three onto the AFMS Chair.  Please send your entry to your regional chair – and they will pass it on to the AFMS.


\images\logos\favicon_rmfms 2022 RMFMS Conference UPDATE 2

The 2022 RMFMS Conference and SNGMS 2022 Rock & Gem Show website is up!


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