2022 Website Contest

 2022 RMFMS Regional Federation Website Contest Information

Webmasters, please consider entering the 2022 RMFMS Website Contest. This is a great opportunity to have your web site evaluated by winning website judges to help improve your web site.

Your club Website serves several functions. These includes public advertising of club activities such as show, rock swaps, and meeting and guest speakers. Advertising is only one of the many functional capabilities to be assigned to the Website. Most clubs have the mission of educating the public, and they find that providing educational materials and links to educational sites for geologic and Earth Science information is a good use for the Website. Therefore, most of the items in this contest are emphasizing these items. This contest attempts to determine the effectiveness of the club’s Website in providing information for these goals, not to determine the quality or capabilities of the club.

Three of the major functions of the Website are:

(1) Attract new members
(2) Provide member information
(3) Assist the Club in fulfilling the Club’s Mission.

2022 Website Contest Entry Date: January 15

Contest Closing Date: February 15

2022 Contest Forms (2022 Guidelines, Application and Scoresheet) can be downloaded from RMFMS.org and AMFED.org. Important: To enter the 2022 Website Contest, please use only the 2022 Website Contest Entry Form and 2022 Website Contest Score Sheet. Also, be sure to use Adobe Reader (or Adobe Acrobat) version 9 or newer when filling out the forms. Those versions allow you to fill in the blanks, save the results, and then go back and edit the documents later if needed. They can be downloaded from here: RMFMS / Resources / Contest Forms

Please send COMPLETED Website Contest application and Score Sheet filled out with your club information in the header to: jgerring (at) gmail.com

For questions and more information contact: Jennifer Gerring, RMFMS Website Contest Chair, jgerring (at) gmail.com

Good luck in the competition!


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