• amazonite CO large 2011-02-0165
  • Calcite-BouAzzer-Morocco-9cm-69
  • copper MI 2013-09-129
  • Electric Opal Zacatecas PM
  • Fluorite Naica PM
  • fluorite smky Colo 2011-09-0231
  • Rhodo Silverton 2013-09-0196
  • Rhodochrosite CO
  • tourmaline afghan 2013-09-0157

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Thanks to Marty Zinn for the mineral photos!

Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Federation of Mineralogical Societies’ website.

The purpose of the Rocky Mountain Federation is to have a close association of all clubs in the Society to promote the study of earth sciences, including the lapidary arts, the study of fossils and paleontology, and related crafts.

The RMFMS was organized in 1941, and held its first annual convention at the Argonaut Hotel in Denver, Colorado. There were 16 organizations in attendance. The RMFMS became one of the original four founders of the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies when it was organized in 1947.

The Rocky Mountain Federation has clubs in these states: Arizona (17), Arkansas (1), Colorado (20), Kansas (5), Nebraska (western portion of state) (1), New Mexico (7), Nevada (1), North Dakota (western portion of state)(1), Oklahoma (9), South Dakota (western portion of state) (1), Texas (1), Utah (7) and Wyoming (7).

Thank you for visiting the RMFMS website. There is lots of information here, and we invite you to browse our pages.